Fnatic vs Schalke 04 | Week 7 Day 1 S9 LEC Summer 2019 | FNC vs S04 W7D1

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S04 vs FNC LEC Summer 2019 Playoffs Week 7 Day 1 - Schalke 04 vs Fnatic lol eSports eu lcs Summer 2019.
LoL eSports S9 LEC Summer 2019 - Fnatic vs Schalke 04 | League of Legends European Championship 2019 FNC vs S04 W7D1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fifth match of the day - Schalke 04 vs Fnatic best of 1.
S04 vs FNC W7D1 full game in HD 1080p.

Fnatic Line-up:
Bwipo - Top Aatrox
Broxah - jungle Ivern
Nemesis - mid Corki
Rekkles - ADC karma
Hylissang - support Tahm Kench

Schalke 04 Line-up:
Odoamne - top Kennen
Trick - jungle Sejuani
Abbedagge - mid Akali
Upset - ADC Lucian
IgNar - Support Nautilus

Patch: 9.14 - Season 9
Game Date: 02.08.2019 | 08/02/2019 | August 2nd 2019
Game place: EU LCS Studio, Berlin
Casters: Ender, Papasmithy and Quickshot

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